Membership Information

Current Members

Managing Courses

Current members should maintain their institution's courses by using the Administrator Suite to match the appropriate course in the Texas Common Course Numbering System Inventory. The TCCNS Board will determine when a new cycle will begin.

Each institution designates an Institutional Contact and a Student Contact. These designated contacts will be listed in the Texas Common Course Numbering System Directory. The Institutional Contact updates institutional course inventory. A student seeking information about an institution's Texas Common Course Numbering System involvement will be referred to the Student Contact.

TCCNS Membership Criteria

Application Process:

All entities interested in applying for membership should submit a TCCNS Membership Application.

Automatic Approval Given:

Texas higher education institutions who are active and in good standing with their TACRAO membership or TACRAO Day/Night subscription dues will be automatically approved for TCCNS membership.

Rationale: TACRAO already has an accreditation-based vetting process for membership and day/night subscriptions and the TACRAO secretary and treasurer initiate and process TCCNS-fee billing so from both a vetting and logistical standpoint, granting this automatic approval makes sense.

Voting Approval Needed:

All TCCNS applicants who are not in good standing with TACRAO and/or do not meet TACRAO membership or Day/Night guidelines will be voted on based on a combination of their accreditation status and the other application materials they submit.

TCCNS Approval Review Timeline:

The TCCNS committee will review application materials and/or vote on the application approval status within 30 business days of the institution's application initiation date.

Associated Notes Related to Membership Criteria:

  • TCCNS committee voting quorum can be met via in-person meeting or via email vote.
  • Out-of-state or foreign institutions will not be considered for TCCNS approval unless they have branch institutions in the state of Texas (thus enabling them to qualify as a TACRAO member and/or day/night subscriber with Texas address).
  • TCCNS/TACRAO Coordination: Ensuring a member is active and in good standing with TACRAO will require coordination with the TACRAO secretary and treasurer. Likewise, if a member is ever approved for TCCNS who is not an active member or day/night subscriber for TACRAO, a "form" or other method of payment will need to be coordinated with the TACRAO Secretary and Treasurer so that the institution can be billed and payment can be collected into the correct account.

Policy Last Updated:

Policy and associated notes were approved 11/09/21 at the TACRAO Annual Meeting.